ESG Digital Catalogue Entertainment MIPCOM 2018

Entertainment Finished Programmes 2018 5 8 Out Of 10 Cats 8 Out of 10 Cats is a fresh comedy programme that addresses the oddest and funniest topics, and then asks people what they think. First, we ask hard-hitting questions. Do you prefer ketchup or world peace? The theory of evolution or argyle socks? Then watch the fur fly as our respondents argue their points. But in the end, we will unearth the true, undisputed truth whatever it is. Two teams of celebrities, led by a pair of regular team captains (stand-up comedians), examine the results and compete to see who best understands what’s going on. Under the tender guidance of the host, a famous comedian, the teams try to second guess the country. - - The nineteenth series of 8 Out Of 10 Cats exceeded More4's slot average by +75% - - A hit among younger viewers, 8 Out Of 10 Cats delivered a market share +252% higher for Adults 16-34 Topical comedy panel show hosted by Jimmy Carr Original Broadcaster: Channel 4 Original Producer: Zeppotron Original Territory: UK Season 1 – 18: 78 × 30’, 12 × 45’, 68 × 60’, 2 × 60’ compilations HD Season 19: 10 × 60’, 2 × 60’ compilations HD Season 20: 10 × 60’, 2 × 60’ compilations – NEW HD 4 Finished Programmes 2018 Entertainment All You Need is Love How far are people willing to go when it comes to matters of the heart? How far will people go to start, stop or save a relationship? Two people reveal to each other, and the world, their true feelings about their relationship. Whether it’s secret crushes, romantic proposals, joyful reunions or falling out of love, real people with real feelings bring truly heart-warming and gut-wrenching moments to everyone’s living room. Original Broadcaster: SABC1 Original Producer: Endemol South Africa Original Territory: South Africa Season 1: 52 x 60' Season 2: 52 x 60' Season 3: 26 x 60' Season 4: 22 x 60' Season 5: 26 x 60' Anything Goes Combining hilarious sketches, surprising games and creating legendary moments Anything Goes is an original entertainment format that sees a host of TV’s funniest personalities and comics tasked to perform mime, song, dance, improvisation and play quizzes based on specific challenges – purely for the entertainment of the viewer. The format is a household name on TF1 in France and has become famous for its must-see iconic moments. These include the hilarious ‘Slide Show’, where our stars act out brilliantly funny scenes, set inside the Anything Goes ‘sliding room’, built at an angle of 22.5 degrees to cause all kinds of drama and confusion. Adding to the fun, famous personalities from music, television and film mingle with the Anything Goes regular troop of multi-talented comedians and take part in a series of games that play on their famed skills. Anything Goes is a big studio entertainment format that combines hilarious laugh-out-loud sketches with funny games, all making for classic comedy moments. There are no winners and no losers: the only challenge is to entertain and have fun - anything can happen when Anything Goes ! Original Broadcaster: TF1 Original Producer: Satisfaction Original Territory: France Detailed episode and territory information available on request